My friend: “I don’t mind cooking, but I hate grocery shopping!”
Me: “Interesting! What happens when you come home from the grocery trip and realized you forgot to buy one thing from the list?”
My friend: “Oh, I would rather not make the entire dish, and go out, than going back to the grocery store!”

Many people are not big fans of grocery shopping for numerous reasons. My friend doesn’t like grocery shopping, because it’s crowded, long lines at cash register, easily getting lost between the aisles, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s dirty? And the list goes on.
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Your Weekly Grocery

I have a problem with grocery shopping too. My problem is that I love grocery shopping too much! Once I am in, I can be there for two hours and I am still not done.
My husband is a grocery shopping-Pro. He can be in and out in 30 minutes and get all food items completed for the whole week.
I got him to share one of the key tips for effective grocery shopping.
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Action: Walking in the store and grab the flyer at the front. Skim over…. “Aha! Boneless chicken breasts on sale? Great! I’ll grab some.” Action: Checking the grocery flyer the night before. Make up a grocery list. Walking into the grocery store calmly and confidently, because you know what exactly you need. In and out in about 30 minutes and you will never have to come back to the grocery store again until next week.
Potential Problems: “Wait… What am I going to make with these chicken breasts?”…. 5 minutes later “Ok, I know. Let me just grill them”…. 15 minutes later “Great, what else do I need to buy for grilling?”…now frustrated…. 5 aisles later “Can’t remember if we still have chicken seasoning at home… should I get it today?” Potential Problems: Not much, if you stick to the list. Unless sometimes you might get deviated from the list and maybe bring one or a few chocolate bars home? 
For our special readers, we have attached a FREE simple grocery list template for you to print out every time you are heading to the store. It separates the items by categories like Produce, Meat section, Bakery, Dairy & Aisles. This way you will only need to go to the department that you need food from and never have to walk the whole store.

Your FREE Grocery List Template, Click HERE —-> Grocery list template

What tricks have you figured out while grocery shopping?


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