There has been great debate whether a chicken should be rinsed under running water or not.

There has also been an extraordinary debate whether a chicken even needs to be cleaned at all, since they argue that all germs will die when cooked at a high temperature.

Personally, I always prefer cleaning the chicken. This way if you boil it, there is less dirt floating on top, or even after roasting it just looks and taste better.

This cleaning method goes through a safe way rinsing a chicken and removing most excess fat from the bird. You won’t believe how much fat there is!

After this article, you might re-think putting this bird straight from the freezer directly to bake.


Step 1: In a big bowl add half a cup of white vinegar and 4-5 cups of water.
(Don’t worry, vinegar won’t make your chicken sour. It’s like applying some shampoo during showers.)

Step 2: Remove any twine from chicken, and gently put the chicken inside the bowl. Gently massage the bird.

Now let’s trim some fat.

To Clean or Not To Clean The Chicken-1

Step 1: Pull excess skin around the neck and cut off the fat around it.

To Clean or Not To Clean The Chicken-2

Step 2: Flip the bird upside down.  Cut off the chicken tail (I wonder if there is a nicer word for this part of the chicken)

Step 3: Remove fat from both side of the cavity (on both sides of the tail).

To Clean or Not To Clean The Chicken-3

Step 4: Rinse off the chicken in a bowl of clean water. (Try not to clean under running water, germs from meat will spray all over the surface)

Step 5: Place your chicken on a tray and pat it really dry before cooking.

Wash your hands with soap after completion.

Do you have a better way you usually clean your chicken before cooking?


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