At I Made This Dish we have done an intensive research on human psychology around cooking. After collecting a massive data from hundreds of participants, we learnt that not knowing how to cook is one of the smallest reasons that keeps people away from the kitchen.

According to the survey, two main reasons why people stay away from the kitchen:
#1 Reason for not cooking:
They find cooking is too time consuming (34%)
#2 Reason for not cooking: They find it frustrating to please everyone’s taste… because there will always be this one person, who doesn’t find your cooking good enough (20%).

The psychology of a busy cook: Whereas most celebrity chefs and nutritional experts talk endlessly about having a balanced meal, cut back on carbs, go paleo, I talk about get in the kitchen to make an easy quick meal and get out! That’s right. In and out!

Especially during the week, it’s too difficult to “balance” everything on your plate: between stuck in traffic from work, soccer practices, dinner time, homework time, doing dishes. When you come home from work what do you want to do? REST, EAT & MOVE ON? Exactly!

So why don’t you think that the kids, your partner don’t want the same? They want exactly the same thing.
Make it simple and quick for everyone to eat, no one cares if you are not serving a roasted chicken or a 5 course meal with baked Alaska for dessert… They are just as tired and hungry as you are and want to eat and move on.


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