When was the last time you enjoyed a nice home-made lunch at work?

Whether it’s a fresh salad, a delicious sandwich, or your favorite pasta dish from your dinner last night… home-made lunch for some reason always tastes better. That’s because you know what went into preparation of the dish and it was customized specifically for you.

Not only does it taste good, it’s generally healthier and did I mention you are saving money too? Cha-ching! ($)

We all know that bringing lunch is good for our health and for our pocket book’s health, but not all of us have time to pack lunch every day.

Fish sticks

Baked Seasoned Fish Sticks and Rice

I have been packing lunch every day for the last 3 years. 

It sounds impossible, but it’s actually totally manageable starting with a super simple mental preparation the night before.

Bad: “Ugh… I am so tired. I will make lunch tomorrow morning.”
Good: “Let me quickly make this lunch to get it over with. Done!”

Making lunch in the morning sometimes can be tricky. Let’s admit, sometimes, we hit the snooze button after the alarm went off,slept longer than we hoped to. Next thing we know, we are rushing out the door. The morning can be quite busy with showering, brushing teeth, making breakfast, getting dressed, maybe feeding kids, and still have to make lunches? Probably not making lunches…. I’d rather grab something at the foodcourt for lunch instead.

Burger and fruits

Homemade Burger & Fruits

How does it feel, when you wake up next morning and  in the fridge your lunch and snacks are already packed, and are ready to go?
Whether it’s a simple sandwich, a salad in a jar (learn the secret on how to pack salad and not get soggy) or a leftover chicken with rice, it’s all manageable. We just need a little push the night before. That’s all! If lunch is made, you get more time to enjoy your breakfast with that nice cup of freshly brewed coffee and a newspaper or updates from your tablet. Doesn’t that sound like a calm & pleasant way to start off the day?

Do you have 10 minute in the evening? That’s all you need to make that satisfying homemade lunch for tomorrow.

Quick tips that work for us to get our lunches ready every day:

– Tip 1: Time yourself while making lunch to keep you moving.
– Tip 2: Make roasted chicken breasts on Sunday night or pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store. Shred the chicken on Sunday and use it throughout the week on chicken salads, chicken & rice, mix it with beans, chicken sandwiches or chicken wraps.
– Tip 3: Keep your lunch in a bag and store the bag in the fridge, so it’s ready to go. Next morning simply grab the bag and go.

What’s your favorite lunch to bring to work next day?



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