3:00 pm. Are you in the office typing your way out on your desktop or maybe sitting in a very boring team meeting. You look at the clock. Shoot! It’s already 3 o’clock already?

It’s almost time to go home and you still have no idea what to cook for dinner tonight.
OMG… Panic attack!

You open a new tab on your browser and quickly type: “quick dinner idea” and you see…

How to tell your husband likes your food ---www.imadethisdish.com

Wow… 72,000,000 results to go over?? Thanks for your help, Mr. Google!

2 hours later… still searching for that perfect recipe.

Your brain is busy thinking about the recipe, about all of the ingredients that you might have at home or the ones you need to pick up after work. There aren’t many recipes that are simple enough without unusual ingredients.

5:20pm. You make trip to the grocery after work during rush hours to get that 1 item, and end up buying 10 other unplanned items. Next, you wait in a long line for cash register with other hungry and cranky people, who all want to go home.

You come home, you feel tired, but still very excited to get that new dish on the table to impress your picky eaters. You slave over the hot stove for 1.5 hours. By the time the dinner is served, everyone sits around the table. You look at your husband and ask: “Honey, how is it?” He responds: “It’s alright…”

“It’s alright” — What does this mean?

Let’s try to unlock this mystery language that mean speak. They say women are mysterious, we think men are any less mysterious.

You ask: “Honey, how is it?”

Scenario #1: “But I am eating” or he keeps eating in silence and doesn’t make any sign.
What it really means: He loves the food so much that can’t put the fork down for a second.
“I am having a great time, so why you have to ask me so much, woman?”

Scenario #2: “What is it in this dish, dear?” or “Yeah…. But maybe we have it once in a while, I guess” or “It’s alright, I guess?”
What it really means: I do not like it that much, but I try not to hurt your feelings, otherwise you will make me do dishes or sleep on the coach tonight.

So next time you pop that question. Watch out for his reaction to understand your man more.

What other things does your husband/partner says, when you ask him to comment about your food?


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