Do you have salads for lunch? I don’t know if you bring salads, but I do know every day there is a huge line up at salad bars, where my office is.

It somewhat makes sense why people would rather buy salad every day…. Of course, its a healthy choice, it makes sense if they didn’t have time to pack lunch the night before and they want a fresh tasting salad with savory and tangy dressing drizzled on top.

However, spending $8-$10 on a bowl of salad…. I personally can’t justify that price. I’d be b.r.o.k.e!

So to accommodate this issue…. I am sharing with you an easy trick how to keep your salad fresh for lunch and save money (you would rather spend that $10 on something you love, than a salad).

This is the easiest way if you DON’T have a little leak-free dressing container to bring.

Time: 5 minutes the night before

What you need: a big lunch container, green salad, leftover chicken pieces/a can of chickpeas (or whatever your protein choice is), dressing


  1. Pour a small amount of dressing into your empty lunch container
  2. Add solid ingredients (your proteins or your grains)
  3. The soft leafy greens would go on top

The trick is to put the dressing at the bottom, solid(chicken strips, beans, rice) next and soft on top(lettuce, arugula) ! This will allow your proteins(chicken, beans) absorb some of the dressings, but won’t make your leafy greens soggy from it.

I use this trick every day and it works wonderfully!

How do you bring your salad and dressing to the office? What do you think is the best way?


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