Every morning at I Made This Dish, we start our working day checking emails that you send in. (We LOVE reading your comments!) Last Monday, as a routine, we scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled some more through the screen until we came across a notification that “exploded” in our mind. (note, no fire was involved!)

To our own surprise, our Lactose Free Banana Berry Ice-Cream post was picked up by a facebook user and generated 5,357 likes and was shared 1,445 times within 2 days.

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This was truly a nice surprise! Thank you so much to every single one of you, who continues supporting I Made This Dish. You are our main source of inspiration!

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Today we are featuring a question that one of you asked.

Freezing Berries

Fresh Raspberries

I Made This Dish Reader:
“Hello, thank you for an easy and delicious ice-cream recipe. Could you let me know where I can get the frozen strawberries and raspberries? Thank you very much for your help.” M.Y.C.B
(Please note, there is a large number of our audience from hot and tropical regions like South East Asia, therefore frozen berries is not a common item there.)

I Made This Dish response:
Hi friend! Thanks for sending your question. We must admit we envy the fact that you get access to fresh fruits year round. Since fresh fruits are available year round, your local food stores might only carry a limited source of frozen berries.
No worries, we got a quick fix for you! This will allow you to always have some frozen berries on hand to make delicious milkshakes and ice-creams throughout the year. Not just when it’s hot & sunny outside.

Step 1- Cleaning:
Fill a tub or a large bowl with water. Add your fresh berries in the tub and gently rinse off any dirt. Gently scoop the berries into a colander. Empty any remaining water.

Freezing berries

Washing raspberries in water (doesn’t this look so pretty?)

Freezing berries

Scooping the berries into a colander










Step 2- Drying:
Place a paper towel on a baking tray or inside a plastic container. (Depends on the amount of berries you use, you might only need a small container).

Add your clean berries on the paper towel and place another piece of paper towel on top to gently dry the berries, around 10-20 seconds.

Freezing berries

Freezing berries











Step 3- Freezing:
Once the berries are dry, remove paper towels and place the tray/plastic container of berries directly in the freezer.

Freezing berriesFreezing berries











Make sure your berries lay flat and not pilled on top of each other. This way it assures your berries are individually frozen, otherwise they might lump together.

Freeze until berries are solid or overnight would work great!

Freezing berries

Step 4- Storing and Enjoying: 
Now you are ready to make milkshakes and ice-creams.
Otherwise, just store all the frozen berries inside a resealable bag or a plastic container with a lid.


Freezing berries

Solid Frozen Berries (Don’t they look like fresh berries?)

Freezing berries

Or keep your solid frozen berries in a resealable bag.











What type of fruits do you freeze?


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