To save time in the kitchen, we tend to look up quick recipes to use that we think will save us time.

There are so many quick recipes available online, but regardless of cooking time there will always be dishes and pots pilling up in the sink after cooking. (Unless you are eating from paper plates and plastic utensils, which sometimes is not a bad idea, I guess….)
Many times though, these quick and easy recipes result in cleaning that can take as long as or sometimes longer than the cooking and eating time combined.

After you finish your dinner, all you probably want to do is crash on that couch and go through the channels to find a good show to watch. After dinner you feel happy and full, and the last thing you probably want to do is clean that dirty pile of dishes. Ugghhh…. Will it take 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Or 1 hour? Oh Gosh! Let’s stop counting.

We suggest that after you finish that nice dinner, just go ahead and crash on the couch! That’s right! Go ahead!
Instead of doing what most people do by washing dirty dishes after the meal, try to clean most of the dishes WHILE your dinner is cooking. This way there is nothing or very little cleaning left to do after the meal. Sounds pretty good, right?

Dirty dishes

1…2…3..dishes. Ok, You probably can manage to wash this much after dinner, right?

While dinner is cooking:
IF you have a dishwasher: Stick those dirty dishes into the dishwasher ahead of time. Wipe that dirty counter that you prepared food on. By the time you finish eating, all you need to do is put that pot/pan and a few plates that you used during dinner inside the machine. Wipe that table, crank up that dishwasher and you are done! Hooray!!! TV time!
IF you don’t have a dishwasher: While things are cooking, quickly wash those dirty dishes and wipe that dirty counter. After dinner, you probably have 1-2 pots/pans and 1-2 plates to wash (depends on number of people you feed). Most of the dishes you washed earlier should be dry by now. Wipe that table, and head out to the living room!

At I Made This Dish, we help readers to tackle the non-sexy side of kitchen tasks and offer solutions to our readers to make those unavoidable tasks as easy and quick as possible.

What would you love to do instead, if you didn’t have to clean those dishes after dinner?


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