6:00 pm. Imagine you come home after a long day at work. You drop your bag on the floor, thinking you want to wind down a bit before making dinner. Suddenly, your phone vibrates.

Honey, what's for dinner tonight? --- www.imadethisdish.comYou are happy he is coming early, so your family has more time with each other. Well, on another hand, it’s a bit not expected and you feel not ready. You message back:

Honey, what's for dinner tonight? --- www.imadethisdish.comWhat you really meant to type is…
Honey, what's for dinner tonight? --- www.imadethisdish.com
You rush into the kitchen trying to put something together.
Pasta? That’s a great idea! But you already had pasta 2 days in a row, and honestly you really don’t feel like standing by the stove boiling noodles.
Ok, how about hands off cooking? That’s exactly it!
BAD IDEA: Oven? Unfortunately not in this case, it will take 20 minutes just to preheat the oven. 
WORSE IDEA: Slow cooker? Even worse, you don’t have 8 hours to cook. Your husband would rather eat dry noodles than waiting for 8 hours.

Now imagine you come home, tired, and want to wind down for a bit. Your husband messages you to let you know he is coming home in 20 minutes and FYI he is very hungry too.

You calmly walk into the kitchen. You know exactly what your family will eat tonight. You pull out a few simple items from the fridge and in a few minutes a hot delicious dinner is ready.

You still have plenty of time until hubby comes home. You turn on the TV to check on the latest news, take a refreshing shower, and put a tab of perfume on.

You are now relaxed, fresh, and ready to welcome your husband home. While you are flipping through a fashion magazine, your husband arrives home. You welcome him with a kiss and ask “How was your day today, dear? Dinner is ready in 5 minutes.”

Your family happily sits down for dinner and you serve a hot and incredibly flavourful dinner that you made for them yourself. He takes the first bite and is totally amazed. He really thought you spent the whole day making this dish for him. Little does he know, it took you only a few quick minutes and the rest is our little dirty secret. Shhhh….

How would you feel if every day you came home even while feeling tired, you still be able to make very quick and delicious dinner that will impress your family?


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