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A philosophy that the I MADE THIS DISH team lives by: “The sole purpose of our existence is to help busy people to cook.”

Welcome to I MADE THIS DISH!

Do these sound familiar:

  • “I work all day, and when I get home; I don’t have energy. My kids and husband are starving and want something fast.”
  • “I spend more time in the kitchen than I do with my kids.”
  • “It might take 10 minutes to eat, but then it takes 30-40 minutes to clean afterwards. It’s just not worth the time.”
  • “What should I cook for dinner tonight?”
  • “I want to impress my family. I spend 3 hours searching for a good recipe online, I go to grocery after work, I slave over the stove for an hour and half to make dinner, when I ask my husband “How is it, dear?”— He responds: “It’s alright.”

Are you a busy working woman, who feels she gets divided in so many directions during the day between work, family, responsibilities, and deadlines? By the time you come home it’s already late, you are exhausted and don’t have energy to make dinner anymore? You are hungry, your family wants something quick. Part of you says: “We should order take-out tonight.” But inside you feel guilty that your fridge is full with good groceries and ordering take-out is unhealthy.

You always try to find a perfect balance between work and life. You try to meet different deadlines at work, when you come home you take care of your family, and on occasions you check on your elderly parents. When your elderly parents need you, you rush to them to be by their side to make everyone happy. Sometimes you think you are always ready to help others, but you never seem to find time for yourself.

At I MADE THIS DISH, we focus on helping YOU, the busy working woman, to save time in the kitchen.
Spend that extra time with your children, have date nights with your husband, take your kids to a movie, or treat yourself to a spa (You deserve it, girl).

We will help you learn quick, easy & delicious recipes and proven kitchen tips to save 20 hours every week.

What You Will Find on Imadethisdish.com Potential Benefits To You
Delicious and Quick recipes even on the busiest weeknights (did we mention, they are healthy too?) Quick: You get more time to spend with your family.
Delicious: You will win hearts of the pickiest eaters.
Proven Strategy to save time in the grocery store Spend less time in a crowded grocery store and more time teaching your kids new things
Ways to save money when buying groceries Extra money to get the best tutor for your kids.
Extra money to put towards your next family vacation.
Flexible meal plans for busy people You don’t have to waste time thinking “What should I make for dinner tonight?”
Tested ways to cook at home, so you have little cleaning afterwards. You spend less time cleaning and more time being that sexy & confident wife for your husband.
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Join the community of successful female professionals, who share the same vision of flourishing in their career, self-improving their image as a confident woman, and passionate about building a strong & healthy family.

Again, welcome to I MADE THIS DISH! We are so glad you have decided to find more free time in your busy life.



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