I LOVE cooking, but I HATE cleaning after dinner. It just takes too much time. Don’t you agree?

Rinsing dishes is fine, I can deal with that. However, scrubbing tough, burn-on messes from pots and pans is too labor intensive and time consuming. Unfortunately, dishwashers don’t do the best job at it either, making manual labour still a requirement.

Removing touch grease- www.imadethisdish.com

Over years, we have tested a method how to quickly remove tomato stains, grease, toughest burn-on messes from pots & pans. This method takes less than 5 minutes light scrubbing (not hours). Did we mention, it’s the easiest way too? Trust us, we are also not big fans of cleaning, that’s why we need to find a powerful solution that works!

Things you need: Dirty pots & pans, dish soap, baking soda, metal scrubber

Step One:
Generously dust some baking soda directly on your pan/pot, Place the pot/pans inside the empty sink and close the sink stopper. (we are about to give it a bubble bath)

Removing touch grease- www.imadethisdish.com

Step Two:
Fill up your sink with hot water (careful not to burn. Not pipping hot, just hot enough to work with), add a few drops of dish soap under running water to create bubbles.

Removing touch grease- www.imadethisdish.com

Scoop some bubbles with your hand and cover it over the pots/pans to completely submerge in bubbles.

Removing touch grease- www.imadethisdish.com
Leave it sit for at least 15-20 minutes or longer. Go ahead to enjoy your dinner now.
The trick is not to let the dishes sit around on your stove after cooking. Start submerging them in water right after cooking.
Step Three:
As you finish dinner, it would be enough time for the stain and tough grease to loosen up from you pots and pans.
Now remove the pots from water, dust with more baking soda if needed, add a few more drops of dish soap, and scrub with a metal scrubber.
Removing touch grease- www.imadethisdish.com
Removing touch grease- www.imadethisdish.com

The burn-on messes should come off easily. If it doesn’t, leave it sit in water a bit longer or even overnight. Then repeat Step Three.

Dish soap, baking soda, and metal scrub – a perfect trio to fight the toughest burn-on messes. You probably have all those ingredients at home right now.

5-Minute Method To Clean The Toughest Burn-on Messes From Pots & Pans - www.imadethisdish.com

What tricks do you use when it comes to dealing with toughest messes on pots and pans?


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