While brushing your teeth in the morning, you noticed an annoying little pimple on your face. Oh great! What a great way to start a day, right?

Below are 5 foods you need to avoid before acne breakouts, during the breakouts, and most possibly after the breakouts too. Pretty much try to consume at minimum the following products, if you want to keep your skin fresh, flawless, and lovely dovely.

  1. 5 Foods You Need To Avoid To Reduce Acne Breakouts Dairy Products (ice-cream, fatty cream, cheese)

Right after you found out you got a pimple, you probably feel like the day is totally ruined and the only cure is to reach out into the fridge for some creamy ice-cream and cry you a river. Though it’s a common direction, but probably not the best choice, because high fatty dairy contain a substance that upsets your pores, as a result more oil and acne are produced. Boooo…. no ice-cream.
What to eat instead: Opt for yogurt and kefir, they container lots of protein and healthy probiotics that make your belly happy.
AND if you still need that doze of ice-cream to get through this acne-bad-day, make these 5-minute ice-cream that are packed with real fruits and unbelievably easy to make.
Creamy Berry Ice-Cream Made In A Food Processor/Blender

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Creamy Tropical Mango Ice-cream Made In A Food Processor/Blender
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  1. 5 Foods You Need To Avoid To Reduce Acne Breakouts Chocolate

Well this is a tough one….. avoid chocolate too. So not only try to avoid ice-cream, full also avoid rich chocolate ice-cream all together. The reason to avoid a bar of delicious chocolate is because it contains high amount of sugar and dairy.
What to eat instead: If you really, really, really crave for a good bite (or two) of chocolate, opt for dark chocolate instead. It is usually lower in sugar and dairy.

  1. 5 Foods You Need To Avoid To Reduce Acne Breakouts Refined Carbohydrates

Foods with high glycemic index like bread, rice, and pasta are not only bad for your bikini waist line, but also for your flawless skin. These foods are delicious and don’t know what about you, but I can eat pastry, spaghetti, and rice all day and never get bored of them. However, our body doesn’t seem to always react the same way as our mind, by consuming these food our blood sugar spikes in the hormone insulin, which can cause acne.

What to eat instead: Try to eat whole grains like whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and oatmeal.
Oatmeal [insert link: http://imadethisdish.com/quick-healthy-breakfast-flaxseed-berry-oatmeal/] is the main source of healthy fibers and known to reduce cholesterols. Try our 5-minute sweet oatmeal breakfast with real berries and NO SUGAR. (Did you read it right? Sweet and No sugar? Just check it out yourself.)

  1. 5 Foods You Need To Avoid To Reduce Acne Breakouts Alcohol

And it’s definitely not the greatest idea to call it a happy hour to celebrate you having a pimple with a toast, or maybe cry about your life (and acne) over a Mojito or Pina Colada either.

When consuming alcohol, your body gets warmer and sweats more. The sweats causes clogged pores and more acne breakouts.

What to drink instead: Next time you are bars, just order a glass of water. Just kidding! Totally kidding! Try opt for clear drinks and avoid high sugary cocktails.

  1. 5 Foods You Need To Avoid To Reduce Acne Breakouts Fried and Fatty Foods
    After your happy hours, your friends and you are probably hungry and want to get something greasy and delicious like French fries. Those crispy fries are so darn good, no doubt. But they don’t necessary make your skin happy-happy. Fatty fried foods are slower to digest than wholesome food packed with fibers, like vegetables and fruits. As a result, it’s more difficult for your body to clean itself from wasteful products and it shows on the surface of your clean skin. I know, it’s definitely a hard call to make: beauty VS delicious but not good for you junk food.

What to eat instead: Not saying you probably want to eat the following healthy items right after your happy hours, but a suggestion in general. It’s better to opt for healthy fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6, that are abundant in wholesome foods: avocado, fish, and almonds.


What food do you reach out to, when you have a bad day?


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